Some of our volunteers

Some of our volunteers

19 February 2020

The Eagle (was fixed and) has landed

OK, so it is not an eagle, but we could not resist the heading. Phil explains what he did ‘There were many faults with this tricky little project. The marble base was broken with chunks missing and an attempted previous repair to a corner that had been glued back in misalignment. The taxman – err sorry, I stand corrected – the vulture also had loose metal dowels drilled into the bottoms of the claws that were being used as fixing pins to the base. These had broken the claws apart and the back part of one of the claws was completely missing…

Quick thinking of how to rebuild the missing part of the claw and looking around to see what was at hand that could possibly be utilized – I decided to use the stirrer to get the basic shape of the missing part then build up in layers with a compound until it looked similar to the other foot.
The marble base was filled and smoothed with the same compound to neaten it up and give it strength ready for refitting the bird…

Some glues can take an age to set, but the potions I use are fairly instant. You will have to visit the next meeting and physically read the label to find out what they are..’

Judy and Bernie

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