Some of our volunteers

Some of our volunteers

25 April 2019

11 April, 2019 - Friends and Family trial launch


To ensure we are ready for the launch of Repair Café Weymouth on 11 May 2019 we had a trial run for friends and family of volunteers on 13 April. We set up volunteer repairers at the right tables, introduced them to the key organisers, gave them freshly printed name tags, explained processes and safety, whizzed them outside for a group photo and then it was 10:30, time to start.

Some items that were repaired:

  • secateurs sharpened
  • advice about a new i-phone battery
  • clothes altered
  • a cracked freezer box glued
  • a carpet washer than needed a new cable
  • a bicycle
  • a lawnmower that needed its blades sharpening
  • some sound equipment that needed soldering
  • a sewing machine to be set up properly and a bit of tuition
  • an iron
  • a toaster
  • a clock
  • magnifying mirror
  • 3D spectacles to be glued

Repairer Steve Fox said ”I haven’t stopped all morning”

It was a fantastic morning, with all these items being saved from landfill or languishing at the back of cupboards. For a small donation people have prevented the need for buying new, and the related environmental impact of producing and transporting these new goods. Visitors also picked up tips on how to make repairs on their own.

Jill Hirons ”Garden shears, sewing machine and child’s bike sorted and donation made. Thanks guys, what a fantastic venture – got to be the way forward. Protect our planet, repair and re-use. Don’t just buy new!”

Maggie Stansfield who had her jeans taken in said ”It was a friendly and efficient service and I picked up tips to do similar on my own”

We needed more volunteers who could do sewing. We have a few already but for the first few Repair Café events, they will be fully occupied with organising. My prayers were answered and on the morning after the Trial Run, we had a lady who could do sewing and jewelry repairs including silversmithing, offering her services via Facebook message! If any other people with repairing skills would like to volunteer their skills, please get in touch. The more repairs we can make the better. It’s the generosity of the community in volunteering their services that has kept me fired with the passion to get this initiative up and running.

Volunteers outside Palm House cafe
Volunteers outside Palm House Cafe

Repair Café Weymouth will launch to the public on 11 May 10:30 until 12:30 at the Palm House Café, Weymouth. We hope to see you there.

Ros xx

23 April 2019

Starting Repair Cafe Weymouth

Do you know what a Repair Café is?

 I didn’t until my daughter in Australia sent me this link, and said “Wouldn’t this be a good idea for Weymouth? Why don’t you put it on a Weymouth Facebook page?” I did, hoping someone else would pick it up and run with it. They didn’t, so I did. Visitors bring items to be repaired by volunteers. The lovely volunteers fix it in return for a small donation which funds the running of Repair Cafe Weymouth and materials and tools. Our first meeting to assess interest and recruit volunteers was at the Kings Arms in Weymouth. They generously provided the space and teas and coffees for the volunteers to support the initiative getting off the ground. It was a lively and positive meeting, with volunteers offering their skills in fixing things, and organisation at the repair events and behind the scenes. Several local venues offered their space to hold the Repair Cafe and after visiting them we decided the Palm House would be just the right location, with good light, cafe facilities for our visitors and plenty for children to do to extend the trip out. It was all systems go to get organised for our first Repair cafe events that would be starting in the Spring.

Ros xx