Some of our volunteers

Some of our volunteers

18 January 2020

December 2019, Repair Cafe

Hi, this is Bernie, chief cook and bottle washer at Repair Cafe Weymouth. My daughter Samphyre, visiting from America, was excited to be involved, so she joined me in managing the flow of Electrical, Electronic and IT repairs from visitor, through the repairer, PAT tester, reception and then out of the door. This always seems to be the busiest area, with myself and 1 other looking after 7 repairers. We had 14 repairers in all, and another 11 volunteers, all in Christmas jumpers and many in reindeer antlers, making everything run smoothly.

A mixer being fixed

This month 15 and 47 year old mixers came in, both with smoke coming out of them. Samphyre had been making ice cream with hers at the time!  After being given some tender loving care by Robert Hunt both are as good as new. Yayy!! Samphyre said that she would never have thought of having it repaired, so it was a win-win.

During the last year, I have been much more aware of the damage our throw-away society does to the environment, and hope that the ever-increasing numbers of Repair Cafés that are opening up across Europe, will start bucking the downward trend.

This event was as busy as anything, however we were really well organized.  Mel is our dedicated PAT tester for all electrical items, so everything is tested for safety before it leave the Repair Café.  We needed to re-organise this area, so watch this space to find out what we did.

Musical Bing Crosby

73 tickets were given out, 7 jobs not done. Some items were taken home by repairers to finish – the visitor is then contacted to collect said item.

We repaired things like a fibre optic Christmas tree and snowman, and a much loved singing Bing Crosby too!

The happy customer said about the Bing Crosby model from her youth “Amazing! Never thought I’d see it working-made me cry!”

Samphyre also joined us all at the Marquis of Granby, where 30+ volunteers shared a Christmas meal and celebrated all their hard work since we started in May.  It was a good atmosphere and we took the opportunity to get to know one another.

Next month, it will be a year since we suggested this crazy idea of holding a monthly Repair Café. Here are some comments from our supporters:

  • Fantastic – Community leading environment and recycling
  • Very good. Very impressed (Golf umbrella re soldered)
  • Excellent advice – will get part and return in January! (Corrode cigarette lighter plug)
  • Fantastic and I’ve learned how to repair things too (Necklace and bracelet)
  • Thank you to Jane for repairing the zip on my golf bag today
  • Thank you very much for repairing plate today very happy indeed

I look forward to talking with you after the January event.