Some of our volunteers

Some of our volunteers

06 August 2019

Thank you to repair cafe volunteers

Repair Cafe was the idea of Martine Postma who held the first ever event on the 18th October 2009 in Amsterdam. Jump forward nearly 10 years, and I saw a Facebook post from Ros, that she was thinking of starting up a Repair Cafe in Weymouth. So I did what most people do these days, I googled it to find out what a Repair Cafe was. I was intrigued and wanted to help but I can’t fix anything – my brother likes to remind me of the time I tripped the electrics in our childhood home when I was trying to change a plug. After meeting Ros and a few other volunteers I knew this would be a great benefit to the town, I sign up to volunteer thinking I would just be spending the 3 hours once a month on this project. How wrong I was. The following day Ros called and asked if I’d like to be on the committee as secretary, I jumped at this opportunity – I’d never done anything like this before, so every day I’m learning, we all are.

I’d like to thank all the fantastic volunteers that attend our event. They have given all their time, skills and have had to pay for their own parking at each event. The Repair Cafe would be an empty room without them.

I’d also like to thank Nigel at The Palm House for allowing us to take over his main cafe area as well as the function room we hire, and finally, anyone that’s visited repair cafe or read this post – THANK YOU. Our next event is on 14th September 2019 after a Summer break to refresh and improve upon how we run Repair Cafe Weymouth.


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